Finca Esperanza



Our collaboration with the Vizcaino Family at Finca Esperanza in Guatemala continues to yield awesome results.  This washed lot of Catuai starts off the 2019 harvests. During the 24-hour soaking stage, added CIMA yeast controls the microbial consumption of coffee fruit. This step originated during our 2016 yeast trials at Esperanza.

Our previous work at Finca Esperanza in Guatemala focused on comparing and observing the influence of maceration inoculated with and without yeast. This test allowed us to better understand the benefits and limitation of yeast and non-yeast maceration. It also allowed us to work together with Ana’s staff and establish protocols. We left that process with an appreciation for cleanliness during maceration.

Two years ago, the Vizcaino’s invested in a new beneficio (wet mill), which brought the challenge of larger scale implementation. Last year, we sought to apply the lessons learned in the last years to this new system. The ability to run these tests on a smaller scale meant lower risk and lower investment before moving them to a larger scale in the new beneficio. This investment in time and experimentation prepared her staff for the expectations of specialty coffee processing and allowed them to focus mental energy into the use and maintenance of new equipment. Now, the beneficio produces constant, delicious lots of coffee. The Vizcaino’s have even started buying fresh cherry from neighboring farms to increase the quality of coffee coming out of Cerro Azul.

Finca Esperanza’s solar drying house is used to dry this lot of coffee as well. It employs raised beds and controllable airflow to regulate temperature, air movement, and humidity during drying.

Team taste notes: graham, orange, brown spice, brown sugar, molasses, maple, nougat


Cerro Pecul, Suchitepéquez
1300 – 1400 MASL
24hr CIMA Yeast Maceration, fully washed
Nov. 2018 – Feb. 2019
Sourcing Partners:
Finca Esperanza (farm), Two Birds Coffee (importer)

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